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Live Empty!

There is a thin line between need and greed. This is not primarily mean only money. There can be anything like fame, power, success, and so on.  If we need something, which is actually 'needed' to us, then it is just our need! Means anything which can satisfy our basic goals are only our need. Anything… Continue reading Live Empty!

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Education for upliftment!

EDUCATION is a diverse area. Today education is not only meant for good job, but also helps in leading a good and peaceful life. It makes us aware about what changes we need around us, so as to break the chains of rigidity. Unfortunately there are many misconceptions around us.  One is Reservation system of… Continue reading Education for upliftment!


Power… Not so powerful! 😕

I think the most difficult task to handle is when you gets everything like power,fame, money, very easily; and later you gets failed in handling this success. Most common examples are many celebrities and powerful personalities. They have everything, but at one point of time, they feels this name and fame as burden over their… Continue reading Power… Not so powerful! 😕