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#Learning quote:- 9

This post of mine is dedicated to the word cum feeling, i.e, LOVE.

Honestly saying, i was once committed with one person. I had deep love with that guy. But destiny had decided something else for us. So we had parted our ways. Just because that was my first love, so i will always remember that experience.

In my opinion, love is not just limited to girlfriend- boyfriend relationships. But it is more than that. We used to love our parents, our friends and even to our work. More than that, we should also love our surroundings and nature, which gives us everything.

We should never force anyone for love or relationships. Love means respect as well. And without respect, there is no love. There will be just a lustful thing which cannot make your relationship static.

More than a word, love is a pure and infinite feeling. And in today’s world, it is too hard to find the purest form of love. Reason being, we are rushing towards money, reputation, etc.

However nothing is impossible. We can get love in any form. How and when?? I don’t know!

So in the end, i want to convey one sentence.

Look before you fall!!


4 thoughts on “#Learning quote:- 9”

  1. Oh yes yeas! Love is not to be shared among lovers alone, it should cut across to everyone you meet whether in form of respect like you said or in relating to one another on a platonic level. Great piece!

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