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Lesson learned today

For last many days, i was thinking so hard that what is my mistake, due to which my goals are not achieved.

What is the issue, which stretch me back, when i am pushing myself forward?

What i found:-

No one is perfect in this world. And no work is ever done perfect in this world. So if i had done something which doesn’t results in the way i want, i am not failed!

I had tried my level best in my work. But if my life had slapped me so hard that i had fallen down, then what will i do now?

Either to remain where i am, or to stand once again and try my level best again!!

I can say myself that i can’t do it again because i don’t want to get slapped. Or to stand up, get slapped hundred times, collapse hundred times and again stand up, because failure is not an option for me!!

Failure doesn’t mean the way society looks at you.

But it is the way we look at ourself.

If you see yourself as winner, then no one can ever defeat you in your life! Even if your life hits you hard.

So be unstoppable!! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘


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