There was a kind of stress, a hassle going on in his mind. But he had not realized that today he had consumed more than 5 cigarettes. He asked the shopkeeper to give him any candy, so as to remove the bad smell of mouth. After seeing the time in watch, he reached hurriedly to home.

He can’t drink at home due to his wife and children. So making pretext was common thing.

As he comes back, he was again surrounded by same kinds of people, with same kind of troubles. As a good father, solving and sorting everything is his responsibility.

No one knows his pain, except his wife. She was having a doubt, that he had again started consuming cigarettes.

She used to ask everytime, the reason of this habit. But he said nothing, because his wife cannot vanish his pain, better than cigarettes.

His health is going down, but according to him, leaving cigarette is not a solution.

Unfortunately, till now the practice is continued..


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