Liebster award and blue sky tag award

Blogging is always fun and this pleasure thrives more when people appreciate your work. Today i got nominated for liebster and blue sky tag award!! I want to thank Aquib of !nsight for nominating me for this award. I really appreciate this a lot😊

Before going further, i want to oblige to all those bloggers who had consistently supported me in this two months journey. You can say today i am celebrating Thanksgiving day. So people to whom i want to thank are:-

 Thank you so much for such a great support. You all encouraged me!! 😊😊

Now coming to the nominations.. The procedures of this job is as follows:-

Rules of nominations :-

  • Pay regards to one who nominated you. 
  • Jolt down 11 facts about yourself. 
  • Then nominate the bloggers. 
  • Do inform them of their nominations. 
  • Give answers of the questions you are asked. 
  • Ask questions from nominees. 

# Facts about me:-

  • I am peaceful person. 
  • I want to achieve many things in life. And this list is never ending. 
  • I love to advice people and helping them. It gives me great satisfaction. 
  • I am deeply concerned with recism, discrimination and violence. 
  • I am pursuing chartered accountancy and will definitely contribute in nation building. 
  • I am little egoistic and bossy. But want to change myself to a leader. 
  • I can’t compromise with those people who lies and don’t follow their words. 

So these are my facts. Now i want to nominate my friend bloggers for liebster and blue sky tag award:-

I request all to read their blogs and must follow them to gain good reading experience 👍👍

 Answer to my likes and dislikes:-


  1. I like challenges in my life. 
  2. I like to cook but that is only possible when i am in jolly mood. 
  3. Writing and reading is my forever hobby. 
  4. I love to meet people and help them. 
  5. I also love to listen music, specially English music. Taylor swift is my favorite pop and country singer. 


  1. I am little egoistic. That’s my problem and want to correct it. 
  2. I am shy by nature. Due to it, i often feel humiliated and repenting after losing any opportunity. 
  3. I am short tempered. Sometimes this makes my relationships worse. 
  4. I am little lazy and childish person. 

Now my turn to ask questions from nominees:-

  • What is blogging meant to you? 
  • What types of books do you like? 
  • Can you describe your life in a line? 
  • What are those things or activities which makes you happy? 

Thanks to all the readers 

And live well!! 😊👍


16 thoughts on “Liebster award and blue sky tag award”

  1. Hey it’s so nice of you, and quick too. That’s shows your dedication and honesty, and I really appreciate your efforts and posts, they are super charging. Keep up with the good works, please don’t be short temper, because I love to joke, sometimes, i am not badtameez, but still I fear, short temper girls.

    Liked by 1 person

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