Wisdom tooth extracted.. 

Today i had surgery of extraction of wisdom tooth. It was horrifying moment as i had my first operation.. 

That was slightly impacted, so my case was difficult. I still remember when i along with my mom was waiting outside the operation theatre. After 1.5 hrs, i was called my doctor. Then i sat in dentist chair. Then doctor was comforting me because i was looking anxious. Honestly i was afraid of injection which is given to numb the particular area. I had never experienced such things. 

Luckily everything went good. The injection didn’t pained me much and after that i have no sensation. I was looking at dentist’s hand and type of instruments he is using. Then he was cutting the gums to take out that tooth. Then after 2 minutes only, he plucked out it. It was my good luck that without any surgery, the task was accomplished. 😊

Presently one side of mouth is numb. Still feeling little pain in opening mouth. I could just wonder that what would happen next. My face is little swelled. I could just hope that it will recover. I can’t keep my mouth closed for long period😛

Just take a look at my wisdom teeth :-

It’s roots are not yet developed so became easy to extract. 

So with this i would conclude this post. Take care all and live healthy life!! 👍😀


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