Ethics and professionalism 

Today is Chartered Accountant day, which we say as CA day. In this day, the prestigious Institution called Indian Institute of Chartered Accountant (ICAI) was established in year 1949. It is proud moment for me to be a part of this prestigious fraternity. After 3-4 years, i will become member of this institution, and become as Chartered Accountant. 

Today in delhi, our institute had celebrated this day and invited our honourable Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi. It was good moment around. However i didn’t get chance to see him live. I watched his speech on TV. And some of views which i found interesting to be shared over my post is here.. 

He clearly described some ethical points which every professional should follow. Not only CA, but also every professional should adopt these words in our life. 

Given below is link of some quotes which our prime minister had taught us:-
He told that we as a professional should work upon building our nation. We should adhere to rules and standards of our profession. Our acts have direct influence on whole society and this must be kept in our minds. 

Also he laid the stress on ethics. Compliance of ethics are very important for any professional. People relay on us and we should not hurt their sentiments. 

At last i want to write that:-

Ethics are origin of professionalism. 

So build the spirit of ethics around your life and make your life peaceful and prosperous. 

Here is the link of whole speech( who have knowledge of hindi will understand his speech) :-


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