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Learn to laugh on yourself! 

Whenever you are bullied by someone, or you become a part of someone’s joke. I know that is difficult to digest for many. Our ego is also important. It hurts when something happens like bullying. Sometimes we cut ourself away from people or any situation which can make us bullied again. For many, this can be like any horror scene, which we want to avoid by shutting down our eyes and ears. And this is natural because when people insults others and calls it ‘just for fun‘, this is pathetic. 

Recently, i was chatting with my friends. Suddenly the topic of one person rose.  And just because i didn’t knew it, i asked my friends to tell about it. One of them told me. But this thing became joke for others. So they started making fun of me. One of my friend then said me, “how you don’t know such thing. Now where will you reach in your life!?”. After reading her message, i was feeling insulted. Even through i should not take up such things seriously. I took it with my heart. 

At that time i had two option:- one is to fight with her. Another one is to keep quiet. But i had no mood to follow any one of it. So i made my way in between both options. For a time, i gave no reply. When they were done with their fun, i took a chance and send one funny emoji and written ‘nice joke guys, but thank you for teaching me good things :-p’.  And the fun over! 

From this incident, i felt relieved and learned that sometimes, its good to make fun of ourselves. 

Its ok if you asked something you don’t know or done something amazing, yet funny for others. If you are bullied or you are part of someone’s joke, then don’t feel low. Instead take it as fun and laugh on yourself. 

Always remember :- People will tease you more when you will feel teased. They will insult you again when you will feel insulted. Because your grief is like a boost tonic for them. So don’t give them any chances. And only thing to do is laugh or smile when they are making fun. 

Laughing is best medicine, for your body, mind, 

 and an effective syringe for your haters!! 👍😁


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