Stop making excuses.. 

I still remember that day when my intermediate exams result of chartered accountancy was announced, i was shocked for a bit. Although i was passed, but got less marks. I had many expectations for my marks, but all was in  vain. My parents were happy and friends and teachers were wishing me. But i was lost from this world, thinking constantly that what had got wrong in my result. I had many thoughts swirling in my mind. At once i thought that my teachers, exam checker, etc are responsible. But then i thought it is stupidity to think such things. I wrote my paper, not my teachers. So they can’t be blamed. Nor the exam checkers are responsible because they had checked whatever i wrote. And irrespective of the passing percentage which they pre-determine, i should not blame them. 

Then i focused on my mistakes, but then i suddenly realized that how much hardwork i had done. How can i do any mistakes! 

This type of speculation had gone for about a week. Then i reached to the conclusion that there were my faults also. Even if some problems were of macro level and out of control, remaining things can be handled by me. But i failed. From that day, i became exam oriented and gave my next group exams with more improvement. 

So, from this incident, i want to convay one message to all the readers that we should never make excuses. At my time, situation was trying to persuade me to make excuses. But one principle i always follow, i.e, a clapping is never done with one hand. In hindi we say it:- ताली एक हाथ से नहीं बजती। 

Excuses makes us mentally weak. Because next time if we have to do something, we can have the same tendency to make excuses if we fail or things are not working. It will further make our goals diminish. 

So if you want to make your life successful and future bright, so go on working harder and harder. Failure is part of success. Don’t get afraid of it. Also don’t be worried of your result. 

Always remember that:- Your only duty is to work hard. After you complete your job, you are done! So no need to feel afraid or frustrated for your result. 

The type of seed you will sow will determine the type of fruit to be grown. 


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