Time means nothing.. Character does

“I saw him first time when i was in 11th class. We didn’t have much interactions that time. However our actual meeting held in our maths tution when we were in 12th. I was little fascinated with him, i liked his name and found a sort of uniqueness in his character. I later found that he also liked me, but never expressed anything. 

From that very first meeting in maths tution had created a great bonding between us. We became best friends. We used to help each other in our studies, share every problem with each other. Soon we realized that we are falling in love with each other. After 9 months of friendship, he proposed me and i happily accepted it. We tried to hide our relation with our friends and classmates, but we failed. In our relation we faced many problems. But that didn’t made any differences between us. 

After schooling, we entered into new world, i.e, college. Due to certain reasons, we had choosen different fields. We had different classes, friends. And soon, that strong bond was getting weaker and weaker day by day. We had our career as main priority. 

Finally we broke up our relation on completion of 1st year. But soon we reunite it. Amusingly it again broke up after 1 month only! And that was something which made me totally scattered from inside.

After that we didn’t have any proper talk between us. Due to certain reasons, i coverted my regular course to corresponding. So i left college. But later i came to know that as i left college, he came in another relation. So i took my own path and move out of door, forever.. ”

 After this story i realized one thing that :-its true time had changed alot. Earlier that girl was innocent. But after her schooling, she had changed alot. She became responsible person. She had great love relation. 

But how time can change the situation? I personally feels time had no role in such case. The problem was change in character. Or maybe that girl had made mistake in finding out truth of that boy. 

There is no guarantee that when and how anyone can change his character. Breakup is not a problem, you have the ability to fight with it. But the problem arises when you don’t accept the truth. It is important to think for a while and understand that why anything happened. We have to take out the flaws which were existing and then take corrective actions. So that in future, you don’t have to face the same situation. 

Always remember:- your intelligence is always required in checking the character of any person. 


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