Writing is pleasure

Nowadays, i used to spend my most of time on writing stuffs. Now i operate my Facebook page also which made me more busy over net. Earlier i used to prepare for my exams, and now i used to prepare my posts. One thing common in both of the tasks is writing.

I always believe that if we learn something by writing it down, atleast at once, then that thing will be sustained in your mind for longer time. I used to make short notes, short charts for quick bite of revision, etc. If you have huge syllabus, then i would prescribe you to make short notes of every topic. Then go on revising those notes again and again. I bet your exam fears will fly away from your mind! 

I am always fond of writing. Nowadays i used to write posts on my phone. But the real enjoyment of writing can be gained  from paper and pen on your study desk. I love to write longreads, however i am trying to make it as short as possible. But due to this, i sometimes feels that maybe i would have written more, after i had published that post. 

I am raw person in this writing field. Still feels happy when i get good reviews from my readers. So i want to say thank you to all the people around me in WordPress community! This is encouraging me to write more and more and improve myself. 

Thank you! 

Facebook page:- https://www.facebook.com/Wiselearning181995/

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