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Dilemma around us.. 

In my life, i had seen many people and came across many situations, which made me little psycho.. 

And i don’t feel any problem in telling this, because i had listened the lies of people and seen the fake situations, which often make me realize that why and how can i enter in such a traps. 

Being psycho is not a big issue. People who are great achievers are also seen themselves as fools and stupids. Reason being they are different from many intelligent people. Or i could say they are genius then others. 

So what is the conclusion of this topic?? 

Only small thing i want to say that, all are born unique, but many people get influenced by common norms. So they lost or ignore their uniqueness. 

Only few people don’t bother this and spend most of the time in finding out what is the special trait they have. That makes them psycho in society. 

Now the readers will have to decide that these people are really a psycho? 

So i want to convey the main point to all the people that don’t insult such type of people, instead try to learn many things from them. Most importantly, learn that how to find out your strengths, because these people are expert in it. 


2 thoughts on “Dilemma around us.. ”

  1. This was a very interesting topic to get into! My only suggestion would be for you to proof read and edit your post. I noticed a few mistakes and it made the post hard to follow at times. I am in no way perfect when it comes to grammar and spelling and often need to re-read my post a few times. Keep up the good work!


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