My dad:- my hero! 

My dad is my hero. He have always supported me in my all decisions. I still remember that when i had to choose my profession, then my father had suggested me to do chartered accountancy. When i had taken his suggestion as my decision, then almost everyone had opposed me. Then i saw that only my dad had supported me. Just because of it, many people opposed him also. But he took care of my abilities over anything else. 

It is always said that when you are undergoing any big job, then you have to sacrifice many small things in your life. I did too. I had experienced many downfalls. But at that time, there was my family only, who supported me. I realized their importance in this time. 

I had always been the shy girl. Due to this, earlier i had less interactions with my dad. However things are changed now. My dad had always considered me as unique child. He gave me unique name because he want me to establish an unique position in life. He had sacrificed his comforts to give me and my brothers the good life. 

In this father’s day, i want to thank my father for giving us everything. I realize how my father used to work hard. And this have always inspired me. I will also work hard like my dad to make him and my family proud. I also want to pray to god to give my father- mother good health and also to bless our family with peace and our bondings gets stronger than before. This is my wish on this day. 

#father day


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