Live like an emperor👑

14.06. 2017

Many times we all come across the situations where people are dissing you or making fun of you. It makes us sad and insulted. Many people tends to hide behind the bushes, they don’t tolerate at all. And its normal to act, and even i also feels doing such things, when i face such things. 

But if you want to face such things, then you should not at all hide yourself! Learn more and more. Expose your knowledge continuously because the people who are insulting you are not so knowlegable enough to compete you. They can’t move over you because they just know to troll others

All you have to do is to be quite and calm. Just do your work because this is your work which will answer the world. 

No need to shout at others, no need to fight with others. Go and do what you want to do. This is your life and just rule it like an emperor! 


#stop bully and eve-teasing


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