One frictional and inspiring story.. 

Love is always fascinating. We can say many things on it, but cannot end up in describing it. But what happens when that love gets over? Is it possible to end that love?  Here is one story about life of one girl after her love life ended:-

2 years had passed. She is busy in her work, studying alot. She wants to achieve many things in her life. She want to be famous, want to be rich and give her family whatever they wants. Her intentions are good. But she is having one gilt in her heart. She actually can’t get over it. While studying also, she is thinking about all the past moments. Feeling happy for sometime. But suddenly she realized where she is. She is having that ‘never ending hope’ that something could even change. For last 2 years, she is waiting for him. Till now, she hadn’t loved anyone else. Because she is hoping her love would come back. 

Suddenly, the bell rang. It was her best friend’s call. She started the friendly conversation with her friend. She was pleased to talk to her. But her friend was going to tell her something which was going to change her life forever! 

“hii friend, how are you? ” her friend asked. 

” i am absolutely fine dear! How are you? ” she asked. 

” i am alright, listen i want to tell you something, not a good news, about him.. ”

” Alright say what happened? ” she asked her friend in trembling voice. 

” i listened something, not sure, but many people told me and showed me as well that when you left college, your boyfriend is seen meeting one girl of junior class very frequently. They are seen many times together in garden, canteen. They both participate together in many declamation competitions. I am having doubt that they both are… ”

After listening so, she was shattered. Tears started falling from her eyes. She was not able to speak for a while. One question came in her mind that: what will i do now?  

Then only, voice came from other side of phone

” listen dear, i know it is very difficult for you. But i had told you because you must know the truth. You can overcome this because you had already managed yourself in last 2 years. You have to stay strong. 

And i still don’t know that whether this is true or not. I got many information from many people. I had also seen them together but i still can’t rely. ”

Suddenly her sadness turned into anger,”he is a lier! I am sure that he is dating that girl. I hate him…” she burst out crying. 

“calm down dear, i can understand your pain. But remember that, this is just a phase, not the whole life. This will gonna end very soon but have patience. ” her friend gave her sympathy. 

” thank you so much for telling me the truth. I realized that it was my mistake to remembering him till now. But i promise you that i will take my revenge! ”

” Revenge! What are you going to do?? Please don’t do anything wrong. ” her friend was shocked on hearing such words from such a gentle girl. 

” Don’t worry my friend. I am not going to do anything wrong. I am determined on my goal. I will do which  no one have imagined. I will work hard and become a successful person. Then i will show him that what he had lost. ”

” you are right my friend! This is the best revenge! ” her friend was praising her,” your heart is truly made of gold! ”

She was getting relaxed. But in her heart, the fire was burning. She was sad that howgirls are cheated in relationships. She marked the words to not to have any such relationships in future and to focus on the fascinating career. 

First thing she had done was to throw all the things which are linked to her relation. She then worked hard and studied alot. Her family become her full time priority. They don’t know her pain. But still, family’s unconditional support was healing her broken and lonely heart. 

She is now a better person who had achieved many things in her life. And still hunting for more. But even now, she is alone in her life. Amazingly being alone, she is a complete personality. She don’t find anyone to support her.

This is want we all need to know that its okay to have a relationship because loving someone and getting loved in return is the greatest feeling of life. And when that love is holding us forever, that you are the lucky person! 

But if you don’t get what you desired and wished, don’t lose your hope. Best way to live your life is to live freely and independently. Because you never know which door is waiting for you to get open in future!. 

Be ambitious, be hopeful! 

All the best!! 

#love     #overcome breakup


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