Workout for efficiency!! 

There is one popular quote that, 

Efficiency is intelligent laziness’



In my profession(chartered accountancy) , which is considered as very challenging by people, i try to manage it by considering two things:- Efficiency and effectiveness. Both are important not just in studies, but also in every field. 

I always believe that things becomes tough only when we don’t follow the above mentioned things. Efficiency means doing the things right. It refers to making your work and related working style as simple as possible. 

In every person life, there are bundle of tasks that every one have to do. But many of them fails when those things are not done. So the question is what are those things which can make us more efficient?? These are my own experimented advices which helped me alot in increasing my efficiency and making my studies not too much brainstorming! 

  • Make a possible and simple plans: I know that making plans are considered boring and time wasting for many. But believe that this is the one of best thing which can make anyone efficient and regular in work. Also it helps in reducing procrastination. I personally prefer to make weekly plans and at end of week, do performance appraisal. 
  • Be relaxed: this is very difficult, even difficult than making plans. This step is bit tricky for me too because i also find sometimes uneasy in different situation. But this is normal as well. We should always try to be relaxed because otherwise things could go wrong. Do your best in it! 
  • Don’t go for perfection, always: i want to share my one experience for explaining. 

My CA exams are occurred in May and November. For my November exams, i had done my level best in getting very good marks. I made my plans, done multiple revisions and even sacrificed my night sleeps so as to prepare well. I had fixed one range in which i want my result. But when i looked my result, i was shocked to see my below ranged marks. It was hard to accept. For a week, i was finding out that why i got such a marks. Although i cleared those exams, i was not satisfied. 

But then i decided to improve my result by preparing for next exams in may. I improved my efficiency by taking care of my health as well. I studied hard but in such a way that i would get satisfied that i had done my task. 
The point is that we should not stick to the desired result. Its okay that you had set your goal. But you should not get rigid towards it. Try your best, work hard, that’s your duty. But after result, don’t feel bad that after doing so much work, you didn’t got what you desired. Instead of it, say yourself that you will do much harder next time by finding out your flaws. That’s whay efficiency says! Many students do suicide after seeing their results because they were actually stick to result. Some gets caught in depression also. 

  • Workout your mind and body:  This is one essential thing for raising efficiency. Go to gym, do yoga, indulge in some of sports activities. Also involve in good memory tasks which can make you relaxed and easy going in difficult work later on. 
  • Work as per your capacity :  one thing which i hate alot is peer pressure. I had seen many people who used to either discourage others or used to motivate others to such a level beyond that other people forget their capacity.

They says that if you don’t study for more than 10 hours, you will not clear your exams. By listening this, people studies for more than 10 hours. But then also they don’t clear. Reason:- worked for more than you can. 

Always listen to your heart. Work for as much time as you can. Don’t obey everyone and everytime! 

 Efficiency is not a difficult task. Anyone have their own level. So just work on yourself and do you best!! 


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