Complexity of similar gender people


#Respect #Women rights

Many a times, we have a look on society’s peculiar thoughts which often makes us confused for a while that what is right and what is to be chosen. Like today only, i was spending time with my friends. There were two girls who were discussing that between girls or boys, who are more loyal. Then they started sharing their experiences that how their friendship got broken due to backbitting. At last, they reached to the conclusion that girls are less loyal then boys. At once, it was bit confusing for me because as per my opinion, girls are also more loyal than boys. Even between boys also, the problem could exist. But one thing which drew my attention was that how the young girls can have such a negative attitude towards feminism. Actually it is irony that girls blame all the girls just because of few experiences.

In reality, i don’t believe such a belief. But this is my view, maybe the readers would be having different perception also. Please let me know in the comment section below that what is your view about similar gender people around you?

If i am born as a female, then we should respect and take care of what we have got from our Almighty.  Also it is important to respect other people of same gender. In my view, i often find that boys used to have good bonding than girls. But question is that why this is so? Why girls don’t usually support other girls more easily?

what i believe that due to social ideology and maybe the situations in which girls and boys are living is one factor which reduces the bonding of support of girls and boys. When any mishappening occurs on girls, all the women and some girls also blames at once to that girl who is victim. They don’t care about the pain and suffering of that girl. I could say that at once those so called ‘critics’ forgets that they are also females. This is the same thing i experienced today while hearing my friends talk.

Due to old and rigid ideologies and practices, the status of women had fallen down. Due to this, neither the opposite gender, but also the same gender people supports so much. This was the practice of women to obey their male relatives just because of believe that males are more educated or more intelligent. And that same old and rotten smell can be felt when present time women criticise other women.

There is no problem in becoming a Feminist. This would simply describes that you are concerned about all the females in world and wants a better place for all. That’s it! I don’t understand that why we females, even being a female, don’t follow feminism!

Maybe due to sick condition of status of women around, many girls are regretting of being girl.. This is possible.

But instead of engaging in complex thoughts, why not to improve your and other women position. There is always a door of success and happiness, provided you don’t want to live in darkness!

Many women who are successful today are not due to their luck, but due to their perception. They actually fought against the old practices of society and people who don’t supported her. We should be inspired from those women only. Because they actually celebrated their identity

So in nutshell, there is just thing to convay that what we are is just because of our identity. And this identity upgrades only when we follow time. AND this time is actually screaming to us to forego all our ‘OLD REGIME’ thoughts.

So please do respect your gender and other people around. Because in this way you can live with respect! GIVE RESPECT AND GET RESPECT IN RETURN.


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