Coffee with the old moments! 

I met with many people in my life. But the best moment is always the one when i met my most favorite person, my best friend vaishnavi. I remember our first met when in the first day of school, she helped me in very unusual situation. In our lunch break, one girl by mistake dropped her plate on me! My dress have got spoiled. It was very embarrassing. But suddenly one girl took me away from that situation and helped me. At that time, i didn’t saw her face also. But one thing which i saw was her green eyes. From that day, we became best friends. She is very understanding. I love her alot!  

For many years, we are not in regular touch. She is doing engineering and i am doing chartered accountancy, different paths. Now we have many other friends also. But our friendship is for ever! 

I just imagined today that if we got the time to have a coffee together, then i would definitely gonna remember many old memories of us. Those memories are unforgettable for both of us. Also discussing all the old memories actually makes the bond stronger. Actually the ‘coffee time’ with all our school friends will really be the most enjoyable moment for all of us. 

But seriously, i would say that wherever we all are today is very appreciating. We are working hard and enjoying what we are doing is most important. I just hope that all our friends will get what they wanted. So that one day we would unite and have a cup of coffee!! 




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