Why not Peace?? 

In India, the nowadays biggest topic is Jammu and kashmir internal disruptions and conflicts

Jammu and kashmir, known as The ‘Heaven of World’ is now burning in the fire of conflicts which is very serious for. our country. India have always taken the stand of peace and remained neutral. The terrorism which is Spreading the roots in kashmir is adding fuel to fire. Things are getting worse due to lack of political willpower. The youngsters and even small children have got manipulated by terrorists and their ideology. They used to throw stones on army who are just trying to maintain peace in state. 

The dispute over the region has continued for more than six decades, at huge cost. Since the 1989 insurgency – 42 years after the partition – there are estimated to be at least 70,000 dead and 8,000 missing by local human rights group CCS. Today Kashmiris face life alongside a huge military presence and ongoing militia operations. Although a ceasefire agreement was made between India and Pakistan in 2003, and the 2000s saw internal violence largely give way to non-violent protest, the calm is often punctuated by military and insurgent coperations from both sides.
Instead of studying and doing good works, these children are disrupting the peace of state. Due to this small group of people(because many people in state still wants to live peacefully and obey the constitution of India), the business, schools and colleges are usually closed. 

After this crisis, the political parties still blames each other, some claims that it is due to the policies of last 70 years. Some claims that present government is not acting well in situation. 

This is actually disappointing because the moment when these parties are required to unite and send strong message against terrorism,they are playing blame game. 

But among all these, i really appreciates the contribution of our indian army. The dedication shown by them is really a lesson for whole nation. 

Also we have to remember that this problem is more social rather than political. If all kashmiris comes together, and stone-throwers realize that this is just waste of time. Instead they should think and work for building their career. Then the major problem would really get solved. 

But it is certain that this is not at all easy. Getting out of terrorism will require military and political power also. People’s commitment is also required for fighting against terrorism. 

Developing the peace in kashmir is still a long way to go, but i am confident that one day this will really happen.

#kashmir conflict  


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