My ‘Not writing time’ .. 

Basically i am not a full time writer. I still manage my time to start something to write. 

But the time when i am not writing, i use to study my subjects because i am student by occupation. 

Also i love to watch and read news. Well i find it my ‘good habit’ because news actually raise my knowledge and maturity. This also gives me suggestions for my writing. 

I am always fond of writing since my childhood. Even while studying, i used to make most of my preparations by writing. Other than that, in order to plan my studies, i prefer to write my plans on paper so that i keeps me remember. 

I feels that every person should prefer writing because it sharpens our mind and memory. Things are learned for longer period. 

When i writes the blogs, i prefer to also incorporate all those things which i learned in my day to day schedule. I includes all the things which are my #everydayinspiration

So this was my writing on how i spend my time when i am not writing. Also my opinion on writing. 

#importance of writing 



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