A letter to myself!

Date :-27th May 2017

Dear ‘Me’ , 

Today for the first time, i am writing letter to myself. But today i want to convay me about how to lead my life for future. 

I know very well that after some time, my result of CA exam will come. I had prepared very well and gave my exam also which i was required for me to do. So i will promise myself to not be afraid during this period. My duty is to do give my best, which is done. Result is in hands of god

Next thing which i want to say that in past you faced many problems, which were mostly emotional. I know that i am very emotional and actually bad in it! So i will promise myself to be more logical rather than emotional. 

Also it should be remembered that hurdles are not going to end in my path. And i will never going to be afraid. Life of human is defined by several hurdles and his mistakes thereof. 

Also i want to say congratulations to myself for leading my life in best possible way till this time. 

With this letter, i hope that my future will go good! I will stay strong!

Regards to ‘Me’ 


#one letter to myself 


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