My choice.. 


In this entire journey after my consciousness, i have to make many choices, just like a normal human being. And i believe it is required a lot. 

Regarding my choices, one incident which is related to this word is when i had to choose about my career after my schooling. That incident is very interesting which i want to share. 

In my 11th and 12th standard, after obeying my parents advice, i had choosen science stream. But later i realized it was my failed decision. I like science but i find it as burden also because i lost my interest in it. Then i thought to choose architecture because it does not have so much science part, but have maths and drawing which i like. 

After giving 12th exams, my father insisted me to do engineering which i don’t like. I insisted my father that i want to do architecture. This raised the conflict with my father. 

For 2 months, we don’t have any talk except conflict for my career. 

Then we had gone to my uncle house in vacations. They advised me to do chartered accountancy, which could be much better than engineering and architecture,for me. Surprisingly, i was agreed with this advice in 5 seconds only! 

I realized that this is my best choice ever made, because i am enjoying what i am doing. 

I always thank my god for making me able for such a good decision. 


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