Things which i learned.. 


In our life, we have to encounter with many situations, which makes us learn alot, whether that situation is good or bad. I also, as a normal human, learned many things. The following list of things i learned are:-

  • After i had shifted from science stream to accountancy course, i realized one thing that life is not always what you think. This was the first turning point of my life and career. 
  • Then the breakup i faced was something which had at once devastated me, i was at once got a feeling like i am in one trap. But then i really felt the power of God around me. I am now a free and independent person just because of that fall. I learned and had believe of god more clearly. 
  • Then i learned the ability of myself and i am still learning it. Because i believes that the biggest mistry of the world is us. 
  • I also learned that no one recognize us more than we do. 
  • At last the most important thing i learned is that never to take any decision emotionally. This is my wise advice also. 

At last i want to convey that learning should never be stopped because learning makes us better person. Remembering our mistakes and regularly correcting it will only be better solution for all problems. 


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