How i started writing? 

I Want to share my story about how i started writing.. #everydayinspiration

In 2005, when i was in my 5th standard, my family was shifted to new city due to my dad’s transfer in his company. I was admitted to new school. It was the good experience, i was excited as well as very nervous. 

In my first day, i met many classmates who little mischievous. I had faced many problems in completing my class notes. Teachers were however very supportive. 

There was one subject in our school i.e, creative writing in English and hindi. At the start i didn’t liked this work because i found it as very boring and time wasting. My teachers used to scold me for writing more and more because i was not able to write for more than one page. 

My love for writing came out when i was in 6th or 7th standard. I was actually so much inspired to write that i can write for not less than 5 pages for one topic. 

This love got deepened gradually and i started getting good marks in creative Writing and other exams also. 

I would say that writing is such a great skill and real asset for me. Till now, i have same passion for writing. 

This is my prior experience of writing. 


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